Printing & Sending Task Steps


You can use Task Builder to send tasks via an email message. You can send a single task that populates the message body with the task presented in AML format or as an attachment in the form of a task (.AML) file. If more than one task is open in the Task Builder, you can optionally attach all of them to a single email. You can also print the steps of a task as a means to save a hard-copy version. Printed data can be in AML mode or Visual (plain text) mode. AutoMate determines which mode to print by matching the format visible at the time the task prints.

To print a task:

  1. From AMTB, select File -> Print (as shown below).
  2. Enter the print specifications in the Print dialog box, and click OK.

To send a task via email:

  1. From AMTB, select File -> Send and choose from the three mail options (as shown below):

  1. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient(s) you wish to send the task to and click Send. The message is sent according to the existing settings of your default email program.