Editing Task Steps


Along with the ability to edit the Properties of individual task steps, many adjustments can be performed on any step once they are added to the Task Builder's Steps panel. You can move, indent, disable or delete one or more existing steps. You can perform cut/copy/paste commands as well. Commands are conveniently located on the Ribbon or via a context menu that appears when right-clicking a specific element. Certain commands become active on the Ribbon only for the items that they apply to, making it easier for you to discover/detect relevant commands. The Quick Access Toolbar contains Undo and Redo commands that apply to the various edit operations allowing you to undo an operation in case you make a mistake or redo an operation in case you change your mind.

Editing Step Properties

Moving or Indenting Steps

Disabling/Enabling or Deleting Steps

Toggling step numbers & word wrap

Switching from Visual to AML View

Undoing / Redoing Changes