Enables entry of a timeout value for the given task. A timeout is an exception that automatically occurs if task execution does not finish within the time period specified. This feature is often used to abort a running task within a specified time period so that the task does not sit idle waiting indefinitely for input that may never come, which can prove essential in automation environments that require little or no user interactions.

To access the Timeout properties of a managed task, from Task Administrator's Managed Tasks view, right-click the desired task and select Go to -> Timeout.

Practical Usage

Used to determine whether a timeout period should be assessed for the task, and if so, what value it should be set to.

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Use Timeout

If enabled, a timeout period will be set for the task (disabled by default).  

Timeout after (seconds)

The maximum period of time measured in seconds that will be allowed to elapse before a timeout error occurs. This parameter is active only if the Use Timeout parameter is enabled.