Managed Task Properties


Managed task properties display information about a managed task (task created from or exported onto the Task Administrator) such as execution history, user defined notes and task details. It also contains preferences that allows you to control many aspects of task behavior, including security level, prioritization, logon options, isolation and task level error handling. Managed task properties can be accessed from the Task Administrator's Tasks view by double-clicking the desired task or right-clicking the task and selecting Properties from the context menu that appears.

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Available Managed Task properties

The list of managed task properties are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific property, click the associated icon or link below.





Displays details about the managed task. Also, allows modification of specific details, such as the task name, location of associated task file and whether task triggering should be enabled/disabled.

Execution History

Displays information about previous executions of the task, including start/end time, result and description.


Sets the degree of isolation for a task allowing for faster startup speeds.


Provides more robust logging options for the managed task, such as logging extended information or logging to an additional file.


Specifies under which user context a task should run when it is triggered (started automatically).


Provides an area for adding "free-form" notes about a task for personal reference or to be shared with other team members.

On Error

Enables errors to be handled on a per task basis.


Provides the capability to set priority levels to each managed task.


Contains a variety of options aimed at securing a managed task. Specific events can be password protected.


Enables entry of a timeout value for the given task, which is an exception that automatically occurs if task execution does not finish within the time period specified.