Deploying Managed Tasks



A key feature of Remote Administration is the capability to deploy local managed tasks onto remote Runtime installations. This offers an extremely cost effective means of automating multiple computers. During deployment, AutoMate creates a copy of the AML file associated with the local task, including any triggers, managed task properties or attachments, and places it in the managed tasks folder designated for the remote computer. Tasks can be set to execute on the remote computer immediately upon deployment. Additionally, tasks can be deployed to multiple remote Runtime installations simultaneously. As a safety measure, original tasks always remain on the local computer.

NOTE: This feature is supported in AutoMate Premium edition only. It is not supported in AutoMate Professional edition. With Premium edition, the following remote connections are allowable:

    • Local Premium edition to Remote Premium edition.

    • Local Premium edition to Remote Runtime edition.


To deploy one or more managed tasks:

  1. From the Task Administrator, navigate to the Tasks section and select the task(s) you wish to deploy. To select multiple tasks, hold down CTRL during selection.

  2. Press the Deploy button located on the header (as shown below).

  1. A 'Deploy to Machines' dialog appears allowing selection of connected computers in which to deploy the selected task(s) (as shown below). The following options options are available:

  1. Click OK to save changes and start the deployment process. If a task being deployed matches the name of a task that already exists on the remote computer, a dialog box will appear prompting whether or not to overwrite the existing task.

NOTE: You can also send tasks from one computer to another via the Copy and Paste commands (see Managing Remote Tasks). The distinction between Copy/Paste and Deploy is that the Copy/Paste commands can copy tasks to a single remote computers at a time, whereas, Deploy can be configured to send tasks to multiple computers within a single operation. Also, deployed tasks can be set to run immediately on the remote computer.