Creating Tasks Without Add Managed Task Wizard


The Add Managed Task Wizard helps guide you through the steps of creating a task. However, once you have become more familiar with AutoMate and better experienced with the task creation process, you may wish to opt out of using the Add Managed Task Wizard, and instead, utilize the manual approach.    

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To Disable the Add Managed Task Wizard

Do one of the following:

  1. From Task Administrator, navigate to the Tasks section and click the New button located on the top panel or right-click anywhere inside the main panel and select New -> Managed Task from the context menu. This should display the Welcome screen of the Add Managed Task Wizard.

  2. Add a check to the option In the future, do not use this wizard (circled below), then click Cancel to save changes and close the Wizard.


  1. From the Task Administrator, navigate to Options -> Preferences.

  2. Clear the Use wizard when creating new tasks check-box (shown below) then click Apply to save changes.

NOTE: This check-box is checked by default.

To create a task without the Add Managed Task wizard:

  1. Select Tasks from the Navigation bar.

  2. Select which AutoMate client you wish to create a new task on. AutoMate supports creation of tasks that reside on a remote client (or Runtime), however, there are limitations. For more details, see Managing Remote Tasks.

  3. Select the folder you wish to create the new task in. To create a new folder, see Organizing Tasks & Folders.

  4. Click the New button from the Top panel or right-click an empty section in the Main panel and select New -> Managed Task from the context menu. A new task icon appears in the Main panel (as shown below).

  1. Type a unique name for the task.

  2. To assign one or more triggers, right-click the new task and select Edit Triggers.

  3. To edit specific properties, right-click the new task and select Go to -> [Property Name] where Property Name is the name of the property you wish to edit. 

  4. To add steps, right-click the new task and select Edit Steps. The Task Builder appears where you can add the steps of the task.

  5. Upon completion, click Update and Close.

  6. Click OK to close the Task Properties dialog box.


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