Object Module

Group: Declaration

An object module implements an ActiveX Automation object.

It has a set of Public procedures accessible from other macros and modules.

These public symbols are accessed via the name of the object module or an object variable.

Public Consts, Types, arrays, fixed length strings are not allowed.

An object module is similar to a class module except that one instance is automatically created. That instance has the same name as the object module's name.

To create additional instances use:

Dim Obj As objectname

Set Obj = New objectname

See Also: Class Module, Code Module, Uses.



'#Uses "System.OBM"

Sub Main

Debug.Print Hex(System.Version)

End Sub



'File|New Module|Object Module


Option Explicit

Declare Function GetVersion16 Lib "Kernel" _

Alias "GetVersion" () As Long

Declare Function GetVersion32 Lib "Kernel32" _

Alias "GetVersion" () As Long


Public Function Version() As Long

If Win16 Then

Version = GetVersion16


Version = GetVersion32

End If

End Function