Dialog Instruction/Function


Dialog dialogvar[, default]


Dialog(dialogvar[, default])

Group: User Input

Display the dialog associated with dialogvar. The initial values of the dialog fields are provided by dialogvar. If the OK button or any push button is pressed then the fields in dialog are copied to the dialogvar. The Dialog( ) function returns a value indicating which button was pressed. (See the result table below.)

Parameter Description

dlgvar This variable that holds the values of the fields in a dialog. Use .field to access individual fields in a dialog variable.

default This numeric value indicates which button is the default button. (Pressing the Enter key on a non-button pushes the default button.) Use -2 to indicate that there is no default button. Other possible values are shown the result table below. If this value is omitted then the first PushButton, OKButton or CancelButton is the default button.

Result Description

-1 OK button was pressed.

0 Cancel button was pressed.

>0 Nth push button was pressed.

See Also: Begin Dialog, Dim As UserDialog.


Sub Main
  Begin Dialog UserDialog 200,120
  Text 10,10,180,15,"Please push the OK button"
  OKButton 80,90,40,20
  End Dialog
  Dim dlg As UserDialog
  Dialog dlg ' show dialog (wait for ok)