AutoMate 10 Public Beta

5/16/2014: Public beta testing cycle has completed; download is no longer available. Look forward to the official release of AutoMate 10!

Setting the industry standard in server and desktop automation since 2004 with its AutoMate line, Network Automation streamlines site operation for thousands of organizations around the world. Now Network Automation is rolling out the next generation of AutoMate. With an improved interface, AutoMate 10 delivers on the promise of no-code task development with cloud, server and software integration capabilities and simple drag-and-drop deployment.

This current release builds upon Network Automation’s belief that development of automation solutions should be simple, no matter the robustness of the task at hand. Instead of requiring IT teams to generate, memorize and manage custom scripts throughout complex systems, AutoMate 10’s code and syntax-free scripting capabilities allow users to automate key tasks and processes without writing batch files and custom scripts, enabling IT professionals to focus on more strategic priorities and reduce code maintenance costs.

Obtaining the Beta Download

Beta cycle closed, download unavailable.

New Features:

  • Modernized User Interface including high DPI support
  • Reimagined and reorganized Action Library of more than 600 actions and activities.
  • New AWS actions to include DynamoDB and SES to support database and email activities
  • Image Action to natively manipulate images and provide image recognition
  • PDF Action to create, read, and modify PDF files
  • PowerShell Action to enable and extend the use of Microsoft’s scripting tool
  • Facebook to support social media outreach
  • New WMI Action
  • Database Trigger
  • Task Event Support
  • Custom Dialog to enable easy form design
  • Window Dissection Now Supports Java Applications
  • Improved Web Service Support
  • Task Builder Productivity Enhancements
  • Streamlined Add Managed Task Wizard for AutoMate
  • Workflow Resume for BPA Server
  • Improved Reports and Charts for BPA Server
  • Streamlined Agent Deploy Wizard for BPA Server
  • Newly introduced Workflow Wizard for AutoMate BPA Server
  • And much more…
AutoMate Task Administrator
BPA Server Management Console
AutoMate & BPA Server Task Builder
BPA Server Workflow Designer