Actions The Interactivity actions created for the purpose of directly interacting with other applications.
Press Action For example, the "Press" action simulates a user "pressing" a control. Simply drag the pointer to select the control to interact with.
Select a Control Dragging to select a control in another application. AutoMate can see into apps and intelligently select controls without relying on screen coordinates.
A Control, Defined. The information AutoMate is using to define the control just chosen via drag (see the preceeding slide).

Window Dissection Technology

AutoMate's Window Dissection technology can be used to precisely identify any window by literally "seeing" and analyzing the objects and controls that are inside a specific window. Window Dissection encompasses a group of technologies that provide AutoMate with intelligence about active windows and controls on a system. Windows are frequently identified by their title, but occasionally this is not enough. If, for example, there are many windows open with the same window title, it is necessary to specify additional criteria to identify the particular window. Window Dissection allows the specification of a window based on objects, controls, or text inside a window. Multiple objects may be specified which, when taken together, formulates a description of a unique window on the system.