Internet Actions The Execute Web Services action found within the Internet action group.
General General Information entered to retrieve a WSDL and execute a web service call.
Arguments Arguments for a web service call entered as type-value pairs.

Web Services

AutoMate's new "Execute Web Service" action provides an automated means of calling a Web service method by way of a WSDL document or URI. This action supports variables, static values and standard parameter types (such as strings and numbers) as well as support for structure information. Data can be returned into a corresponding structure or a specified AutoMate variable. AutoMate's available XML actions can then be used to read, analyze and parse the returned data.

During runtime, the "Execute Web Service" action will query for a list of methods and their associated parameters, allow one or more methods to be called and the necessary parameters to be provided for a valid method call to be placed to the Web service. This may require the use of one or more structures as parameters. If structures are required, the user must initially create them during design time using the "Define Type" and "Create Object" actions and place them onto the underlying action. Structures are stored into memory during execution. After the method call is executed, the in-memory structures are automatically discarded. Upon completion of the Web service call, the returned data is placed into the AutoMate variable specified during design time. This can be a standard variable, array or structure.