Emulation Actions Terminal Emulation actions allow you to intelligently interact with terminals.
Action Settings Connect to a plethora of the most common terminal protocols; Wait settings for sending and grabbing terminal text.
Simple Example A simple task that connects to a terminal, requests a directory listing, and emails the response.

Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation is often used to give PC users the ability to log on and get direct access to legacy programs in a mainframe operating system. Nowadays, terminal emulators are used by Unix and Linux administrators to access their web servers or by employees of companies who need to access different types of software on central computers. In short, anyone who wants to access any kind of data on a central computer needs terminal emulation software.

AutoMate is the only fully-automated terminal emulation software on the web. The terminal actions encompassed in AutoMate can completely simulate the exact procedures that a user normally performs during a terminal session. Using the terminal actions, legacy systems can be automated in the background without the use of 3rd party software. All major emulation types are supported, including plain text, ANSI, VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, TN3270 and TN5250. Both TCP\IP as well as SSH connection types are supported.