Task Builder The main Task Administrator window. Drag & Drop task developement.
Drag & Drop No Code, No Limits. Drag-and-Drop actions into a task to create complex automation routines without writing a single line of code.
Actions A portion of AutoMate's 461 drag-and-drop task "building blocks", such as Copy File, Read Excel Workbook, FTP Logon, and more.
Flow Control AutoMate provides verbose flow control a tasks's execution path, such as IF/ELSE, LOOP, SELECT/CASE, and more.
Debugging The debugging console provides real-time task debugging, including console output, variable information, breakpoints, expression watches, and more.

AutoMate Task Builder

AutoMate Task Builder enables sophisticated automation development without requiring programming expertise.

The Task Builder is an intuitive development interface (included with both AutoMate BPA Server and AutoMate Professional) where AutoMate Tasks are created. Task steps are created by dragging-and-dropping AutoMate Actions and Activities from a palette in Task Builder and placing them in the sequence desired for execution. Actions and activities include the capability for variable and array manipulation, if/else decision-making, looping and more for truly dynamic operational processing.

AutoMate contains up to 461 activities, based on version.