FTP Actions Everything you need to connect to, upload to, download from, and commit any other ftp request.
FTP Logon Action Use the FTP Logon action to connect to a server via FTP, FTP with SSL (Implicit), FTP with SSL (Explicit), SFTP (Password), and SFTP (Public Key).
Simple FTP Task This task connects to an FTP server, retrieves a list of files, downloads all, loops them displaying a message with file information, and deletes the file.

FTP & Secure FTP (SFTP)

File Transfer protocol (FTP) is one of the earliest yet still most common method of transferring files across the Internet mainly due to its simplicity and cross-platform capability. The FTP module in BPA Server acts as an FTP client, however, its advantage over other equivalent clients is that it has the ability to automate unattended file transfer operations. This can be beneficial to organizations that conduct daily transfers of many files or files that are significantly large in size. In such cases, FTP tasks can be created and scheduled to execute in the evening, when network traffic is at a minimum, allowing for more rapid and reliable transfers.

AutoMate BPA Server's internal FTP engine is compatible with all FTP connection methods, particularly security-based connections. This includes both explicit and implicit FTPS (FTP Secure or FTP-SSL) that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols. Certificate Authenticity is supported for those servers that require clients to authenticate themselves using a certificate. SFTP (or Secure FTP), which uses Secure Shell (SSH) protocol is also supported. Additionally, it supports Tumbleweed Secure Transport, the industry's most secure Managed File Transfer solution.