AutoMate AutoMate connected to other machines running AutoMate. Tasks reside on their own machines, but can be managed from remote installations via TCP/IP.
BPA Server (Workflow) In this Workflow, "Mundane Task" will run on USA SERVER, and then on FRANCE SERVER if the former is successful. If the latter is successful, "Other Task" will run on both servers concurrently. Both tasks reside on the main server (where BPA Server is installed), but run on multiple Agents (other servers) via TCP/IP.
BPA Server (Managent) BPA Server connected to Agent machines. Tasks reside on the server, but can run on remote machines with an Agent installation via TCP/IP.

Multi-Machine Execution


Ordinarily, AutoMate's Task Administrator console is used to access the Task Service on the local machine. However, it is also capable of Remote Administration, the ability to deploy and manage tasks remotely by accessing the AutoMate Task Service installed on remote machines through a TCP/IP connection. The Task Administrator and Task Service are two of several AutoMate components, all working together to act like one cohesive unit.The Task Administrator contains an interface in which a user can interact with and provides a "front-end" to the Task Service. The Task Service is a background program that has no direct user interface. It is responsible for maintaining the task database, task properties and global application preferences. Additionally, it monitors for trigger events and launches, maintains, and monitors running tasks.

The AutoMate Premium Edition is an ideal candidate for use with Remote Administration. It is comprised of the Premium installation, which includes the Task Administrator interface and remote "Runtime" installations containing only the Task Service which quietly reside on remote machines and perform tasks as directed by AutoMate Premium developers. With the Premium Edition, tasks can be constructed, organized and deployed from one convenient location instead of being spread throughout the organization. Furthermore, licensing Runtimes is more manageable and cost efficient than installing separate full installations of AutoMate on every machine.

AutoMate BPA Server

A multi-machine workflow is a workflow that is designed to execute on more than one machine. Unlike the common idea of being able to assign an individual task to execute on remote machines, AutoMate BPA Server carries the concept to a higher level by allowing a developer to assign each distinct event, condition or task that reside within the same workflow to execute on different machines. The workflow itself is always managed by the BPA Server component, however, the objects, such as tasks, events and conditions, which are contained inside the workflow can be allocated to run on different machines by means of assigning an Agent to each object. This permits a single workflow the capability to monitor for certain events or conditions to occur and execute tasks on separate machines located in different physical locations, while all being a part of the same process.

AutoMate BPA Server's multi-machine execution capability is made possible in part by BPA Agents that are deployed or installed on remote machines and their facility to interact with the server component. Once installed or deployed on a machine, whether that machine is local or situated remotely, the server component can connect with the Agent via TCP/IP and notify it of what system or network events to monitor along with what tasks to execute as a result of such conditions or events occurring.