File Actions The File actions provide everything needed to create, manipulate, and remove files.
Simple Example This simple task loops through the files in a directory, checks each file's date to determine if it should be compressed, and logs the action taken.
FTP & Files The File actions are often used in conjunction with the FTP actions to send and manipulate remote files.

File Manipulation

AutoMate contains a wide assortment of file related actions providing complete control and management of files. These actions can copy, move, rename, delete and create files or folders. They can rename a batch of files or folders (i.e. to include the current date to a file or add sequential numbers to folders/sub-folders). From an administrative standpoint, these actions are highly useful for employing automated backup of critical files and data without writing scripts, batch files or custom programs. With the use of the Schedule condition, time consuming back-ups can be scheduled to run in the evening or during down-time, reducing unwanted delays and optimizing efficiency.

As of recently, a number of other file actions has been added to AutoMate. They include the 'Concatenate Files' action, which concatenates (combines) two files into a single output file, the 'Calculate File Checksum' action, which can calculate the checksum of a file allowing the most accurate way to compare two files and the 'Split File' action, which splits a file into parts of a fixed size and the 'Join File' action, which merges a previously split file. Additionally, the Touch File action "touches" file(s) in order to update their creation, last modified or last accessed date/time.