Simple Excel Task An Excel workbook is opened, a specific worksheet is focused, a specific cell value is retrieved, and if it is a certain value, new data is written.
Excel Actions Everything you need to create, manipulate, and consume Excel data.
Consuming Data The "Cells to Dataset" action consumes data from a worksheet and stores it in an AutoMate Dataset (like a two-dimensional array) to loop, modify, etc.

Excel Integration

Excel has immeasurable uses - everything from creating accounts, business plans, forms and invoices, to solving complex equations. This is why many deem it to be overwhelmingly the most prominent spreadsheet application available for the Windows and Mac platforms. Many organizations rely on Excel on a daily basis but often find it time consuming, non-user friendly and non-integratable. For the most part, the only way to automate Excel functionality and to integrate Excel with other applications is to become a professional visual basic developer and learn VBA scripting. This is no longer the case with AutoMate's Excel actions. These actions enables users to automate common to complex Excel procedures and to integrate Excel spreadsheets with enterprise applications and databases, all without writing code.

The Excel actions can perform automated input, retrieval and manipulation of Microsoft Excel data as well as automated retrieval and creation of workbooks, worksheets and templates. These actions also allow migration and integration of data with enterprise applications and external databases. Each Excel session can be identified by a unique session name, which can be referenced by subsequent Excel steps. This allows multiple Excel sessions to exist within the same task.