Features of AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server

  • Skybot Scheduler

    Allows the integration between Skybot, a cross-platform enterprise job scheduler, with the automated business and IT processes in your Windows environment. Automate your enterprise from server to desktop.

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  • Microsoft Exchange

    Now including support for Microsoft Office 365! AutoMate creates, deletes, and modifies Microsoft Exchange objects like appointments, tasks, contacts, and email.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Automate a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage, and reporting of all customer, product, and order data.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Provides an on-demand cloud IT infrastructure to companies of all sizes. AutoMate supports the five main components of AWS: EC2, RDS, S3, SimpleDB, and SQS. AutoMate your cloud infrastructure.

  • SNMP

    SNMP is the internet standard protocol developed to manage nodes (servers, workstations, routers, switches, and hubs etc.) on an IP network. AutoMate launches a task when an SNMP trap is received. You can specify filters to watch for particular traps.

  • Microsoft Windows Azure

    Take advantage of fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services; Native activities to create, list, update, and delete Binary Large Objects (BLOB), Table Services, and Queue Services.

  • Native Terminal Emulation

    AutoMate Premium Edition allows direct automation of your legacy systems over SSH, Telnet or COM port by supporting terminal emulation standards such as TTY, VT100, VT220, VT320, TN3280, TN5250, and ANSI natively.

  • Active Directory

    A set of 15 Active Directory actions are included in AutoMate Premium providing the capability to create, modify, and remove Active Directory objects, groups, or users.

  • Runtime Support

    AutoMate task execution can occur on separate workstations across the enterprise; Deployed tasks to Runtime/Agent licenses (sold separately) for remote execution. This offers an extremely cost effective means of automating multiple machines.

  • MSMQ

    AutoMate Premium has the capability to automate MSMQ operations, including the ability to send, retrieve, clear, or wait for MSMQ messages as well as the capability to create or delete a message queue.

  • SharePoint

    SharePoint is a powerful business collaboration platform. AutoMate’s prebuilt SharePoint activities and drag-and-drop interface automate the management and administration of SharePoint users, sites, libraries, and lists.

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  • VMware

    AutoMate supports the full suite of virtualization software including ESX, ESXi, Workstation, and Player. This provides the ability to clone systems, manage snapshots, and interact directly with a Guest OS.

  • PowerShell

    AutoMate the management and control for PowerShell processing on local or remote machines via embedded or existing PS1 scripts.

  • WMI

    AutoMate WMI queries to monitor and control managed resources on a local or remote computer, improving manageability of computers in a networked environment.

  • icon for Pre-Built Action Library

    Pre-Built Action Library

    Pre-Built Actions enable the development of sophisticated automation processes, and eliminate the need for code.

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  • BPA Server Conditions & AutoMate Triggers

    Conditions and triggers add intelligence to workflows by providing awareness of network-wide system events and states.

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  • Database Connectivity

    AutoMate easily interacts with most standard database systems and its associated databases through the "SQL Query" and "Stored Procedure" actions.

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  • Excel Integration

    Excel actions perform automated input, retrieval, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel data as well as automated retrieval and creation of workbooks, worksheets and templates.

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  • File Manipulation

    AutoMate contains a wide assortment of file related actions providing complete control and management of files. These actions can copy, move, rename, delete, and create files or folders.

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  • Server Management Console

    BPA Server's Server Management Console provides centralized management and administration of automated processes in distributed networks.

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  • icon for Object & Task Repository

    Object & Task Repository

    Objects created in AutoMate BPA Server, such as tasks, conditions and workflows are automatically stored in the Repository for reuse.

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  • FTP & Secure FTP (SFTP)

    File Transfer protocol (FTP) is one of the most common method of transferring files across the. AutoMate actions streamline and automate FTP routines.

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  • AutoMate Task Builder

    AutoMate Task Builder enables sophisticated automation development without requiring programming expertise.

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  • User Accounts

    A centralized user access system located in the Server Management Console allows administrators the ability to create and manage users and groups.

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  • Web Services

    AutoMate's "Execute Web Service" action provides an automated means of calling a Web service method by way of a WSDL document or URI.

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  • icon for Window Dissection Technology

    Window Dissection Technology

    AutoMate's Window Dissection technology can be used to precisely identify any window by literally "seeing" and analyzing the objects and controls that are inside a specific window.

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  • AutoMation Workflows

    Graphical workflows are the cornerstone of AutoMate BPA Server. A workflow (or flow diagram) is a high-level graphical representation of an IT or business process, which might involve processing on multiple servers across the network.

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