Artistic Background

Event Log Monitoring and Automated Problem Resolution

Monitor event logs and automatically rectify process errors.

Traditional Event Log monitoring solutions watch for problems and notify IT staff when a problem occurs. Some even allow a single program or batch file to be run. AutoMate takes Event Log monitoring one very important step further. With AutoMate, IT Professionals can quickly build multi-step corrective action tasks. Problems are detected and automatically corrected. For example, when an application general protection fault is written to the Windows Event Log, this usually requires a few services to be restarted. With AutoMate, this can be performed automatically without human intervention.

The key to this functionality is AutoMate's visual task design system which allows IT Professionals to build tasks via drag-and-drop without writing scripts, batch files or custom programs. No more driving into the office at midnight to reboot servers. With AutoMate, IT Professionals can build AutoMate tasks to watch for and handle problems automatically.

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