AutoMate BPA Server 9: Orchestrate, Integrate, AutoMate

AutoMate BPA Server 9, by , is the ultimate in organizational automation. From small mid-market companies to the largest global enterprise, AutoMate BPA Server 9 allows organizations to deliver ground-breaking automation fast (in hours, not days or weeks).
Enhance or replace your current production Job Scheduler, and combine all your processing assets,
physical, virtual or cloud-based, into integrated, cohesive and managed executable workflows — all without writing a
single line of code or script. AutoMate BPA Server 9: Delivers the power of “No Code, No Limits” to your entire organization.

AutoMate BPA Server Features

Workflows and Conditions

intelligent workflow automation

Graphical workflows are the cornerstone of AutoMate BPA Server. A workflow (or flow diagram) is a high-level graphical representation of an IT or business process, which might involve processing on multiple servers across the network.

Conditions can be used to initiate workflows or may be incorporated inside a workflow to perform an evaluation or wait for a condition to occur before proceeding. Conditions add intelligence to workflows by providing awareness of network-wide system events and states.

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BPA Server Mutli-Machine Automaiton Support

Multi-Machine Automation and Scalability

remote management of automation assets

AutoMate BPA Server carries workflow automation to a higher level by allowing each distinct event, condition or task that resides within a workflow to execute on different machines. As organizations grow, additional agents are simply deployed to new machines from a centralized server console. This permits a single workflow to monitor for certain events or conditions to occur and to execute tasks on separate machines located in different physical locations.

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AutoMate BPA Server Management Console

Console and Dashboard

centralized control, real-time monitoring

AutoMate BPA Server provides the installable Server Management Console (SMC), as well as a web-based interface. Automation assets can now viewed and managed using any mobile or desktop device with browser access.

Console operators can use the Dashboard for real-time monitoring of automation-related processes such as server CPU usage, number of connected Agents, pending Tasks and Workflows scheduled to run, and more.

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The AutoMate BPA Server Repository


reusable automation assets

Objects created in AutoMate BPA Server, such as a task or condition, are automatically stored in the Repository. The Repository provides a centralized location to conveniently store newly created objects as well as access pre-existing ones. Storing objects in the Repository does away with the tediousness of re-creating tasks or conditions each time a new workflow is created.

Reusing an object is as easy as clicking the repository button and dragging the existing object into a workflow.

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AutoMate BPA Server 9: Standard Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

AutoMate BPA Server 9 Icon

AutoMate BPA Server 9 offers two editions: Standard and Enterprise. The Enterprise Edition offers all the features found in the Standard Edition along with the following:

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Cross Platform Automation

Direct execution across multi-platforms. The Process Agent is written in Java, which makes it compatible to the most common desktop operating systems, including Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows.

Screenshot of BPA Server Management Console, Agents Pane

Unlimited Number of Agents

AutoMate BPA Server 9 allows for the centralized management of tasks and workflows over your network. Enterprise Edition places no limit on Client Access License (CAL) registrations to a server, while Standard Edition has a limit of 10.
Please note: CALs sold separately

Screenshot of the BPA Server Web Based Sever Management Console

Web-based Server Management Console

Provides a web based version (application/install free) of the Server Management Console. (This is feature optional, requires IIS with .NET 4.)

Screenshot of Setting User Roles

User Roles and Object Promotion

User accounts and roles enable tight control automation projects throughout the automation lifecycle- from initial development, to testing, to full scale production. Workflows and a tasks can have a completion state (In Development, Testing, Production or Archive) assigned to them.

Screenshot of Adding Users to Groups and setting security settings

User Accounts and Groups

For any organization with multiple people involved in the automation lifecycle, Enterprise Edition can create an account for each user and assign a role to restrict what changes the user can make to the system. Users can be put into role-based groups, and authentication can be done via Microsoft Exchange.

Workflow and Task Auditing

Enterprise Edition enables tracking of activities in BPA Server, such as user connection, workflow/task creation, and deletion. Monitoring activities helps enforce internal compliance, and otherwise prevents tampering of mission-critical tasks and workflows.

Screenshot of an Workflow and Task Audit Table

These features are designed to offer greater security, organization, reporting, and deployment options to the businesses that require them. While not every company will need the robustness of the Enterprise Edition, it will prove invaluable to those with larger or more demanding implementations of AutoMate BPA Server.

Licensing Model click to expand into view

Network Automation products are licensed on a per machine basis. Each machine used for management, development, or execution of an automated business processes using BPA Server will require a license. Below is a brief description of each licensed product part of the AutoMate BPA Server 9 solution:

  1. Server The Server provides all of the management and reporting capabilities for AutoMate BPA Server 9 including the Server Management Console.
  2. Development Tools The Development Tools are used to create the actual automated processes and include the Workflow Designer and Task Builder.
  3. Client Access License Each Client Access license enables the use of an Agent for execution of tasks and workflows on one machine.

The purchase of AutoMate BPA Server 9 includes 1 Server for management capabilities, 1 set of Development Tools for the development of Tasks and Workflows, and 1 Client Access License (CAL) for execution of tasks workflows. Additional Development Tools and Client Access Licenses are sold separately.

AutoMate BPA Server 9 - What's New

AutoMate BPA Server 9 Icon

AutoMate BPA Server 9 provides a myriad of new features as well as significant improvements in performance and reliablity. AutoMate BPA Server 9 features 529 drag-and-drop activities vs. version 8's 461. The following list of new features are available in AutoMate BPA Server 9.

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Updated Server Management Console

Global Holiday Profiles

Provides the ability to assign regional Holiday Profiles to automation wokflows that span the globe.

Workflow Designer Enhancements

Improved debugging capabilities include the ability to set breakpoints in and pause workflows. The Workflow Designer also uses wrapping connectors, improving readability.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Action

Actions provide the ability to "read" scanned images of typewritten or printed text, or screenshots.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Action

Automate of a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software; including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage and reporting of all customer, product and order data.

Azure Storage Action

Fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services; including Binary Large Object (BLOB), Table Service, and Queue Service.

Exchange Online Support

Extends AutoMate's Exchange support to the Microsoft Office 365 line of products.

SharePoint Online Support

Extends AutoMate's SharePoint support to the Microsoft Office 365 line of products.

Local Language Support

Quickly, and easily, develop and manage tasks in six native languages; including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Screen Capture Action

Action Snapshots

Quickly fill out actions with common or popular values by taking a "snapshot" of them for future use.

Improved and Updated Task Builder

The AutoMate Task Builder has update to use a modern, eloquent and more efficient control ribbon and interface.

Multi-Activity Framework and Interface

Multiple actions have been consolidated in to single actions supporting multiple activities. The Available Actions pane is much less cluttered as a result, and all actions have a uniform interface. Consolidated actions in version 9 include FTP, HTTP, Dialog, and Run.

Web Encoding Support

AutoMate 9 provides an action to url encode and html encode strings for simpler integration with the cloud.

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