AutoMate 9: No Code, No Limits

AutoMate 9, by , sets an entirely new standard for server and desktop automation. Built on the experience earned from delivering automation to more than 9000 sites across 60 countries, AutoMate 9 now adds the power of virtual and cloud-based SharePoint* automation, computing environments, plus improved web-app interaction, to its proven and award-winning track record.
Unleash the power of today's cost-friendly, flexible, on-demand computing resources, paired with your on premise IT infrastructure. Integrate The Cloud with your in-house servers and software systems by using dynamic, easy to deploy drag-and-drop tasks—all without writing a single line of code. AutoMate 9: Takes “No Code, No Limits” to an entirely new level.

AutoMate Features

The AutoMate Task Builder

the Task Builder

no code task development

AutoMate provides an incredibly easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, intuitive interface for developing automation applications. The basic plain-English, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank building blocks are used to build AutoMate Tasks.

The new Task Builder supports a customizable Available Actions list, multiple document support, find and replace, stack viewer and improved action search with filtering for quickly finding a desired action.

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AutoMate Triggers


real time, event driven automation

Triggers are objects that "watch" for specified system events or conditions to occur and cause a task to run as a result. You can set a trigger to automatically execute a task based on a schedule, when a change occurs on the file system, when an entry is written to the system event log or any of a variety of other events or conditions. When a task is triggered the steps in the task (comprised of actions) are executed.

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AutoMate's Promise: Never write another batch file or custom script again.

Scripting Without Code

powerful automation without code and syntax

Never write another batch file or custom script again. That's the promise of AutoMate. AutoMate enables sophisticated automation development without the need for writing and managing code. This greatly reduces development costs and timelines, and makes ongoing maintenance and management of automated tasks a breeze.

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Event Log Automation

Event Log Monitoring and Automated Problem Resolution

monitor event logs, automatically rectify errors

Traditional Event Log monitoring solutions watch for problems and notify IT staff when a problem occurs. Some even allow a single program or batch file to be run. AutoMate takes Event Log monitoring a step further. With AutoMate, IT professionals can quickly build multi-step corrective action tasks. Problems are detected and automatically corrected without human intervention.

The key to this functionality is AutoMate's visual task design system which allows IT professionals to build tasks via drag-and-drop without writing scripts, batch files or custom programs.

* SharePoint is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

AutoMate 9: Professional Edition vs. Premium Edition

AutoMate 9 Icon

AutoMate 9 offers two editions: Professional and Premium. The Premium Edition offers all the features found in the Professional Edition, along with the following:

Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Actions

Automate a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software; including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage and reporting of all customer, product and order data.

Screenshot of Windows Azure Actions

Microsoft Windows Azure Storage Actions

“To the Cloud!” Take advantage of fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services; Native activities to create, list, update, and delete Binary Large Objects (BLOB), Table Services, and Queue Services.

Screenshot of Amazon Web Services Actions

Amazon Web Services Actions

Leverage the power of Amazon Web services through AutoMate's new Amazon actions group. AutoMate performs a full range of activities on the following Amazon Web Services:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)
  • Amazon SimpleDB
Screenshot of Active Directory Actions

Active Directory Actions

A set of 15 Active Directory actions are included in AutoMate Premium providing the capability to create, modify, and remove Active Directory objects, groups, or users.

Screenshot of AutoMate VMWare Action

VMware Actions

Perform various operations on VMware Virtual Machines, such as Powering On and Off, Reset, Suspend, Pause, Register VM, List Running and/or Registered VMs, Clone, Install Tools, Create Snapshot, Revert to Snapshot, File and Directory Manipulation, Kill Process, Run Program, Run Script, Capture Screen, Environment Variable Manipulation, and more.

Screenshot of MSMQ Actions

MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing)

MSMQ technology enables applications running at different times to communicate across heterogeneous networks and systems that may be temporarily offline. AutoMate Premium has the capability to automate MSMQ operations, including the ability to send, retrieve, clear or wait for MSMQ messages as well as the capability to create or delete a message queue.

Screenshot of Native Terminal Emulation Actions

Native Terminal Emulation Support

AutoMate Premium Edition allows direct automation of your legacy systems over SSH, Telnet or COM port by supporting terminal emulation standards such as TTY, VT100, VT220, VT320, TN3270, TN5250, and ANSI natively - eliminating the need for screen-scraping techniques.

Screenshot of AutoMate Runtime support

Runtime Support

This allows for tasks to be developed within the Premium Edition, and then deployed to runtime licenses (sold separately) for remote execution. This offers an extremely cost effective means of automating multiple machines with the power of AutoMate.

Screenshot of SNMP Actions

SNMP Support

SNMP is the internet standard protocol developed to manage nodes (servers, workstations, routers, switches, and hubs etc.) on an IP network. AutoMate has ability to launch a task when an SNMP trap is received, as well as issue SNMP messages.

Screenshot of SharePoint Actions

SharePoint Actions

Now including support for Microsoft Office 365!
Manage lists, list items, documents, sites, groups, and roles on a Sharepoint 2003, 2007, or 2010 server. AutoMate the Manage lists, list items, documents, sites, groups, and roles on a SharePoint 2003, 2007, or 2010 server. AutoMate the creation, deletion, and modification of these objects.

Automating Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Actions

Now including support for Microsoft Office 365!
AutoMate creates, deletes, and modifies Microsoft Exchange objects like appointments, tasks, contacts, and email.

These features are designed to offer greater flexibility and implementation options to the businesses that require them. While not every company will need the robustness of the Premium Edition, it will prove invaluable to those requiring support for legacy applications or seeking to automate beyond just a single desktop.

Licensing Model click to expand into view

Network Automation products are licensed on a per machine basis. Each machine used for management, development, or execution of an automated business processes using AutoMate 9 will require a license. Below is a brief description of each license option within the AutoMate 9 product line.

  1. AutoMate 9 Professional The base version of AutoMate 9 designed to automate most desktop processes. AutoMate Professional is able to develop, manage and execute processes on a single machine.
  2. AutoMate 9 Premium The Premium Edition has all of the functionality of the Professional Edition along with AWS integration, Active Directory support, VMWare integration, SharePoint Integration, SNMP support, Terminal Emulation support, MS Exchange Integration and Runtime support. AutoMate Premium is able to develop, manage and execute processes on a single machine. Execution can also occur remotely with the use of Runtimes.
  3. AutoMate 9 Runtime Each license enables the execution of tasks built on the Premium Edition license on one remote machine. Runtimes are only used for task execution. Tasks reside and execute locally on the runtime machine.

The purchase of AutoMate 9 includes 1 license for task development, management, and execution. Runtime licenses for the Premium Edition are sold separately. Volume Discounts are available for all multi-machine license purchases.

AutoMate 9 - What's New

AutoMate 9 Icon

AutoMate 9 marks a revolutionary step forward in the AutoMate product line. AutoMate 9 features 529 drag-and-drop activities vs. AutoMate 8's 461. The interface has been overhauled resulting in the most cohesive release of AutoMate to date. The following list of new features are available in AutoMate 9.

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Action

Actions provide the ability to "read" scanned images of typewritten or printed text, or screenshots.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Action

Automate of a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software; including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage and reporting of all customer, product and order data.

Azure Storage Action

Fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services; including Binary Large Object (BLOB), Table Service, and Queue Service.

Exchange Online Support

Extends AutoMate's Exchange support to the Microsoft Office 365 line of products.

SharePoint Online Support

Extends AutoMate's SharePoint support to the Microsoft Office 365 line of products.

Local Language Support

Quickly, and easily, develop and manage tasks in six native languages; including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Screen Capture Action

Action Snapshots

Quickly fill out actions with common or popular values by taking a "snapshot" of them for future use.

Improved and Updated Task Builder

The AutoMate Task Builder has update to use a modern, eloquent and more efficient control ribbon and interface.

Redesigned Task Administrator

The AutoMate Task Administrator has been entirely rewritten from the ground up using utilizing a modern GUI approach, a breath fresh air into the world of task management.

Multi-Activity Framework and Interface

Multiple actions have been consolidated in to single actions supporting multiple activities. The Available Actions pane is much less cluttered as a result, and all actions have a uniform interface. Consolidated actions in version 9 include FTP, HTTP, Dialog, and Run.

Web Encoding Support

AutoMate 9 provides an action to url encode and html encode strings for simpler integration with the cloud.

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AutoMate 7, Best Scripting Tool, Redmond 2009; BPA Server 7, Best Automation and Batch Processing Tool, Redmond 2009; AutoMate 7, Best Automation Product, Windows IT Pro 2009